Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why Everybody Hates You

Yes, Everybody hates you.

It goes without saying that some people hate us. It's a fact of life. We can't be liked by everybody. The sad news is is that everybody hates you. The good news is that you sooner you see this, the sooner you can move on from this and concentrate on things you hate the least

Your enemies hate you; obviously. They're the smart ones. If they were someone you didn't hate back they wouldn't be your enemy, they'd be some other joe-schmo that you wouldn't waste your time thinking about.

They are honest with themselves, with each other, and with you. They know why they hate you and (in most cases) are quite willing to enlighten everyone else as to exactly why they hate you. They saw through you the first moment they met you.

What about my friends?
Your friends hate you most of all. Why are they your friends? Chances are they're similar to you in some respect. The same things they hate about themselves, they hate about you. The things you're better at than them, they're jealous about and hate you for it. Your clothes, social skills, other friends; they hate it all!

Nobody wants to be alone, so your friends (and you) choose people to be around that will either help them move up some imaginary ladder, or they choose people to be around that will make themselves feel better about themselves.

My family hate me too?
Your family hate you most of all! Your parents hate themselves, and they see themselves in you. They hate that you haven't achieved the things the wish they achieved themselves, and they hate the fact you've done things they wished they had.

What about God; he loves all his children!
Don't even get me started. Ignoring the fact that you can't except you're existence; that you're just here just because. Let's just pretend for a moment that God (and everything that comes packed along with him/her) exists. God has this place, wonderful beyond your wildest dream, where everything is just perfect. He loves his children, yet, you're forsaken to spend upwards of 60 years (if you're lucky) on some less-than-perfect plane, where your main goal is just to survive. If you're good at life you end up with a partner, a house, kids, pets, a huge TV, and a job that is fulfilling. If you're lucky.

S/he has this fantastic world you could live in, but first you have to live in this... mediocre place so you can prove yourself? S/he's omnipotent! God knows what you're going to dobefore you are born! If you're destined to be a total fuckup, why would you even exist in the first place? God knows you're going straight to hell!

If you're a bad person; hell. If you're a good person; heaven. Maybe. But first you have to jump through many a hoop.

That is not "loving all your children". That is hate. Moderate hate at the best and absolute hate at the worst!

Hate is such a strong word, whatever happened to plain old "not liking" someone?

People often think that they love/like things. Some more than others. The truth is that we're not working on a scale of how much we love something; we're working on a scale of how little we hate things. Certainly, we don't hate some people/things with the same vigor that we hate others.

Our friends, our family, our pets; we hate these things less than we hate other things, but we still hate them. At best we tolerate them. You hate your friends for exactly the same reasons they hate you. You hate your family for the same reasons they hate you.

Most importantly, you hate yourself. You know your flaws, your weaknesses. One day people will see through the careful charade you've built up over the years, and you hate yourself for this.

Eventually we realise that everyone hates us, that we're alone. But it's okay. If you can recognise this then you can stop worrying about what everyone thinks; it doesn't matter. You can put your focus on things that matter,  which honestly, aren't other people. We enjoy doing things. We think we enjoy some things more when we're in the company of others, but this is programmed into us. If it wasn't then we would have died out generations ago.

We can't avoid others, so the best thing you can do is to do the things most important to you and to find the people you hate the least

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